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We are 5 MILLION Public Liability Insured. Our commitment to look after your property is paramount to our business.


As a "Local Business" we serve the Highlands and beyond operating from INVERNESS... Our uniformed and fully trained staff, dedicated management, cutting-edge equipments with high safety records will Keep your home Sparkle..!


We use the Water fed pole (WTF) with DI water system.


We use Traditional cleaning methods to clean the glass inside.


Bricks, Concrete, Patio, Furniture, Decking, Fencing, and Wall.


Inside and Outside, Gutters, Fascia, Frames, and the Panels.


uPVC & Wood Fascias, Soffits, Gutter Pipes and Frames.


No foot on your roof..No damages..Soft roof cleaning.


Residential and Commercial buildings are served.


Roof-top or ground-fitted: Clean panels, more energy.

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Why "Sparkwin"?

The WFP System:

Craig Mawlam, a UK-based window cleaner Introduced the WFP System. It was received well by the industry - its benefits were hard to deny and many UK-based window cleaners started to adopt it. This coincided with a tightening of UK Health & Safety regulations surrounding the use of ladders in the early 2000's, which led to an inevitable increase in liability insurance premiums for window cleaners using traditional methods. Several other manufacturers sprang up from 1998 through to the mid 2000's to meet the new demand, each bringing along their own improvements and innovations on static and portable versions of the water fed pole system in all shapes and sizes. As such the UK became the birthplace of the pure water fed pole window cleaning system - probably in part due to its hard water quality that in most regions necessitates the purification of water. Since then the use of the system has and continues to spread to many parts of the globe, and it solidified itself as the standard solution for cleaning not just windows, but many other high-level surfaces in both commercial and domestic settings.

WFP better than Traditional Practice?

We have been asked this, or a similar question quite often. And usually because the person has had a bad experience of a window cleaner using a water fed pole cleaning system or the customer is of the notion that the soap cleans the window better! First of all, let us answer the question - Is the water fed pole cleaning system any good? Yes, when in the right hands it does an excellent job of cleaning windows. It has now become the standard method of cleaning windows commercially and is taken to the households in custom built WFP Systems.

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